This page is about my work on Digital Humanities projects. I have used d3.js and timeline.js to create the visualisations. Unless stated otherwise, please use this Creative Commons licence if you want to use them.

timeline colonial Algeria
Timeline of colonial Algeria (1830-1962)
postcards of French West Africa (1900-1960)
Postcards of French West Africa (1900-1960)
reseaux foccart francafrique
Networks and sources of data
Visualising book trade in the 18th century
French military operations in Africa
French military operations in Africa
Archives coloniales de Brazzaville
Colonial archives of Brazzaville
Archives coloniales d'Abidjan
Colonial archives of Abidjan
reseaux foccart francafrique
Visualising Françafrique: Foccart's network
british library endangered archives programme rainilaiarivony
Digitising the history of precolonial Madagascar
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