This is my personal website where I explain the results of my research in African History, Digital Humanities and the History of the Basque Country.


African History

From 2008 to 2012, I undertook a PhD on the history of Borno, Nigeria at the University of Leeds. The exact title of my thesis was: From a kingdom to a Nigerian state: the territory and boundaries of Borno 1810-2010. The main interest of my thesis was to create links between precolonial, colonial and post-colonial history for a polity mainly studied for its precolonial history until then. I sought to discover the evolving concept of a Borno political space from the nineteenth century until nowadays. This research project highlighted this distinctive spatial identity which has survived in colonial Nigeria through the historical study of transregional links in the Lake Chad area.

The following publications are the result of my past and current research. If you want to download the bibliography, you can use Zotero.

I wrote the following dissertation for the second part of my MA (Master 2). It explains the origin of the borders of the short-lived Republic of Biafra in Nigeria (1967-1970). If you are interested in re-using some of the material available, use this Creative Commons licence.

Digital Humanities

This website in itself is an example of the combination between computing and humanities. From 2009 to 2012, I worked on an AHRC project to map the French Book Trade in the Late Enlightenment. With the help of Simon Burrows, I created maps of eighteenth-century Europe and designed visualisations to represent the data collected by this project. See this page, to learn more about my involvement in this project.


After quite of a few of years of teaching African History, I now talk all the time about Africa, Nigeria, Borno or Nelson Mandela. I co-founded a blog called 'Africa4' for the French newspaper Libération. While doing my PhD, I also wrote for 'Perspectives on Africa'.

History of the Basque Country

Being Basque, I wrote the first part of my MA (Maitrise) about the history of Bayonne. I subsequently published two articles on the history of this city during the sixteenth century. You can download my dissertation; use this Creative Commons licence if you want to use it.

Book Reviews

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